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"To have direction, to feel complete
To embrace affection, to end all the woe is me
But mainly to harbor the love that I have to give" - TA


Piercing Appointment

Where all the safe, sterile, and shiny fun happens! Up to 3 piercings can be done per session. We carefully select artisanal fine gold pieces, ethically sourced worldwide, to accentuate both personality and unique anatomy! Each curation is unique to the individual and Wikilea prides herself on piercing passionately with a gentle touch.

Curation Consultation

An in-depth consultation with Wikilea to fully discuss piercing and jewelry options based on both personal style and anatomy. Perfect for mapping out ears and creating dreamy curations. This is also a great opportunity to discuss custom orders, aftercare, and any questions that may arise.


Custom Jewelry Design

FOR YOU, BY YOU! We will happily discuss the various options to create your ideal jewelry set-up. This is a phenomenal chance to select your ideal gold tone(s) and explore the wide range of stones and designs. To delve into our vast world of jewelry, email us at

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