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Once upon a time in a far-off kingdom, there lived a little girl. This was no ordinary little girl, though. For she would one day grow up to become Melissa of House Piercer, the first of her name, Queen of Stab, Slinger of Fine Jewelry, Master of Angle, Conquerer of Aftercare, and Mother of Toki, Yoni, Izzy, Titan, Zoe, Jasper, and Aaron/Erin. 

Melissa stormed the piercing world like a magical battle unicorn. She’s charged headfirst into gaining every bit of knowledge she can get her magnificently talented hands-on to give you the kind of piercing experience that makes you not mind being stabbed with a needle.  You want implant-grade jewelry? She’s got that. You need something shiny? She’s got that too.  Do you require something unique? She’s got that as well. Ballads will be written in her honor in the years to come. Ballads that sing her abilities and knowledge. Ballads that praise the calming experience she can turn a piercing into.

A kingdom must have an army.  When Melissa is not piercing, she enjoys travel, stargazing, and reigning over her small zoo with Toki the pit mix as her second in command.​​

Melissa (@wikilea) is proudly piercing around the country with plans for a future storefront. She is a goldsmith for her handmade fine jewelry company, Dancing Tiger Jewelry (@dancingtigerjewelry). 



"professional, practiced, PASSIONATE. Melissa offers her gift of needle talent to the rest of the world. a gentle and knowledgeable piercer like no other."

— Anya S.


"Melissa is wonderful and her collection of jewelry is spot on - there's so much to choose from and she walks you through after-care like no other. Overall a great piercing experience, I can't wait to come back!"

— Devynn D.


I can not recommend Melissa enough. Not only was communication and scheduling a breeze, the shop was super clean and inviting and this was one of the easiest and the most positive/comfortable piercing experiences I have ever had! I’m a week into healing and have had no issues and all tenderness is pretty much gone already!

Melissa is super friendly and calming and I will never be pierced by another. RUN don’t walk... and get yourself an awesome piercing with some of her incredible jewelry!!!"

— Brooke L.


Contact Information.

For all inquiries:

(Text Only) 770-679-8888

Instagram: @wikilea


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