I’ve been going to their piercer, Melissa, for over a year now and am glad she has a permanent home here. I travel over an hour just because she’s that great! I’ll continue to rave about her to anyone, and she will always be my go to for piercings, jewelry swaps, and good company. She is the best piercer I’ve had; she’s kind, patient, efficient, clean, and communicative. Also just an awesome person to boot. I was also very impressed by the shop, extremely clean/organized and nice atmosphere. The other artists were friendly as well. Go check them out, I promise you won’t regret it! —Alex E.

Melissa is not only an awesome person but she’s an extremely talented and artistic piercer. I’ve been to her several times and will continue to see her for all my future piercings. She’s professional, precise, and supportive throughout the entire process and I can’t wait to start future projects with her.—Kristen B.

I’ve been pierced by Melissa several times and I can tell you it has been nothing but wonderful every single time. She is very professional and very sweet. She likes to make sure you are comfortable beforehand and during the piercing process. Not to mention she offers only the highest quality jewelry and the highest quality experience. I would recommend Melissa to anyone. She is a 10/10 experience herself. DON’T MISS OUT!!! ♥️—Morgan A.

I’ve been getting pierced (or getting jewelry upgraded) by Melissa for almost 5 months now and I can say she is without a doubt the only person I want touching me with (piercing) needles!! She’s hilarious and kind and super laid back and very very knowledgeable about jewelry types, sizes, etc and piercings. If I have questions or concerns she responds within 24 hours and is never bothered. I love what she’s done with my ears, as well as my nostril and navel piercings. I have had zero issues with any of them. Melissa is amazing!!—Gabby A.